SGroup Liaison Officers Meeting - Registration Open

9 November, 2017 - 09:00
University of Liége
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In the current globalization context, the University takes on an increasingly important role, having the responsibility to help students in the development of their intercultural competences. With the aim of working in a multicultural society, where different approaches and perspectives will represent an important source of value, internationalization must be fully integrated in the heart of the education mission, policy and practice of a University, far beyond the restricted scope of the IR Offices.
Therefore, the University plays an increasingly important role as a promoter of Social Responsibility, aiming to train citizens to become “actors” of their future, a future with no boundaries. In the past few years, there has been an effort from the academic institutions to embrace internationalization in a way it can positively impact the society. The partners are carefully chosen and the values are clear: guarantee social equity for students and support their success.
In the LO Meeting 2017, we aim to achieve these complex goals by encouraging the discussion of “global skills” and the way universities can empower them, especially by defining the main responsibilities of the IR offices. Challenges must be overcome with the strict collaboration of the worldwide universities, and this initiative must begin with us. 
In 2017 the University of Liège commemorates  200th anniversary of its foundation and it invites the SGroup member universities  to join the celebrations!
Registration for the event will be open until 18th September through the online registration form avaialble HERE.
For more information such as practical guidelines how to get to Liege, meeting venues and accommodation please read the document Practical information available below.
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