Alfa PUENTES: project results

The Alfa PUENTES project in which SGroup was a partner has come to an end. A consortium of more than 20 national and international university associations from across Latin America and Europe have completed the three-year project focusing on improve mechanisms for modernisation, reform and harmonisation of education systems in Latin America and to enhance Europe-Latin America university partnership.

The ALFA PUENTES project: Building Capacity of University Associations in fostering Latin-American regional integration – co-funded by the European Commission ALFA programme and coordinated by the European University Association (EUA) – has linked university associations in Latin America with European counterparts to tackle several key topics: collaborative quality assurance; qualifications frameworks; and mobility and internationalisation.

Some of the project results include sub-regional reports prepared by university associations in Latin America, tackling issues of quality assurance, academic mobility and internationalisation, qualifications framework and recognition of studies. The project also developed a survey on trends in higher education in Latin America (TRESAL survey) and a University Associations Booklet that analyses the perception about higher education development in Latin America. 

The SGroup, jointly with the other European partners involved in the project, co-ordinated a publication consisting of a compilation of best practices and expertise on Europe-Latin America cooperation in higher education.

Please follow this link to read more and to access all the Alfa PUENTES publications.