SGroup joins garagErasmus

The SGroup has officially endorsed a Europe-wide initiative to empower 3 million people of the Erasmus Generation to boost work mobility and circulation of ideas in Europe - the garagErasmus Platform - bringing together universities, business partners, and local or regional governing bodies to create better professional opportunities for young talented graduates of the international profile.

garagErasmus, supported by the European Commission, is building the first professional network of the Erasmus Generation. Former Erasmus students are a generation of extraordinary people who have had a life-changing experience and who can play a key role in Europe's future.

"Starting from 2015, all higher education students participating in the EU Erasmus+ Programme will be offered the possibility of automatic registration of their key data on the garagErasmus on-line application 'Check-in Europe' ... With more than 250,000 students being mobile each year, this has the potential to add around 1 million people to the garagErasmus professional network over the next four years. ... The European Commission would like to encourage universities, private entities, and cities to consider supporting garagErasmus, either by becoming a Foundation Member or in any other way, as a worthwhile investment in a creative and innovative Europe.” European Commission, 30 April 2014.

For more information about the opportunities for universities that will be offered through garagErasmus platform click here. Please access the website here.