On 16 April 2016 the Santander Group signed an agreement with the Brazilian Association for International Education - FAUBAI that underlies the strong relationship  the SGroup Network's relations with Latin America. This ceremony took place at the opening of the FAUBAI Annual Conference in Fortaleza, Brazil.


Based on the longstanding relationship and the reciprocal trust gained over many years of fruitful cooperation, the SGroup and FAUBAI intend to further intensify their joint efforts in order to create a more fruitful environment by focusing on project-related collaboration in international programmes. The cooperative projects’ outcomes are expected to lead to a better mutual understanding and structured interaction of the participating HEIs in the SGroup and FAUBAI network. Both the University of Porto and Ghent University, members of the SGroup, will act as first European contact points together with the University Federal do Rio de Janeiro as representative university of FAUBAI.


More information about FAUBAI available at: