We are pleased to announce the launch of the new SGroup’s activity aimed at exploring new avenues of collaboration with China in a structured and systematic way by bringing into life the Think Tank for China (TT4C).
This group will be composed of experts from SGroup member universities as well as other institutions with specific expertise on China who are willing to exchange their experience and to capitalize on their contacts established in China to extend global outreach of our members in education, research, and services. With this aim in mind we intend to:
create a Sustainable Institutional Network with selected Chinese and SGroup universities;
set up an information hub about co-operation opportunities with China thanks to the pool of          experts from individual member institutions;  
Our consultations with the General Assembly representatives and Liaison Officers confirmed a common interest of members in this new region and sufficient capacity to act on this project jointly with the support of identified strategic  external partners whenever appropriate such as UGhent Platform for China, Bavarian Competence Centre for China, BAYCHINA@U Bayreuth, DAAD-Offices, Flemish Representative in China to start with. 
Through joining TT4C our members can gain expertise and access to information that can facilitate reaching their institutional goals.
By working together in the set direction we can:
•       encourage joint projects and activities in research, teaching and service
•       promote initiatives that lead to capacity building in HE on both continents
•       initiate specific collaborative projects
•       identify good practice and expertise the driving force leading to joint events and workshops
•       seek for programmes and funding schemes that could provide further opportunities for sustainable collaboration.
We invite our members to take up the first step in joining the platform by providing us information about the existing collaboration with China and appointing relevant experts that will volunteer to collaborate with us on this project. 
Please take a moment to fill in the online forms below.
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