The SGroup Network has a long-standing tradition of cooperation with universities in Latin America through a number of EU-funded projects implemented in the region and  the extensive expertise of its member institutions.  Whenever possible, the SGroup seizes the opportunity of intensifying  the links with LA universities and take up new activities. In this regards the Think Tank for Latin America is considered as a bottom-up  initiative of the SGroup and aims at fostering joint collaborative actions and sharing expertise in this region.
Objectives of the Think Tank Latin America
  • To initiate specific collaborative projects
  • To encourage the members to propose and participate in joint initiatives, events and activities
  • To provide expertise, best practice and resources for joint collaboration
  • To identify good practice and expertise as the driving force behind the various events and workshops
  • To benefit from relevant national and international funding programmes to develop and sustain joint collaboration
  • To develop consulting services on the basis of the organisational expertise 
  • To support the dissemination and visibility of projects, events and initiatives among among member universities
With the aim of implementing the collaboration agreement a special structure has been created within the SGroup Network that will enable smooth flow of information and collaboration offers.
Collaboration with FAUBAI
In 2016 the SGroup renewed the collaboration agreement with FAUBAI, the non-for profit association of International Relations Offices of the Brazilian universities.
2006-2010 – FAUBAI becomes one of the contact points promoting the AlBan Programme
2009 - FAUBAI signs collaboration agreement (valid for 5 years)
2010-2012 – FAUBAI one of the Latin America antennas under the Alfa Observatory Project 
2015 – Joint session of SGroup Members at the Annual Meeting of FAUBAI, Cuiaba, April
2016 - Renewal of the new collaboration agreement during the Annual Meeting of Faubai, Fortaleza, April 
Objectives of the collaboration with FAUBAI
  • To enhance academic and non-academic mobility among members of both networks on the basis of mutual academic recognition and appreciation
  • To encourage joint projects and activities in research, teaching and service
  • To facilitate the transfer of knowledge, expertise and best practice
  • To promote initiatives that lead to capacity building in HE on both continents
  • To expand the network through associate partners
  • To encourage mutual visibility
Action Plan 2017
1. Set up of a body of experts on Latin America: launch March 2017
2. Launch of the ICon Programme for Latin America: launch April 2017 (FAUBAI Conference)
3. Project participation: screening of relevant calls within Erasmus+ and other funding sources
4. Mutual visibility and dissemination of events
5. Creation of the c orner for the TTLA on the website of SGroup and Faubai (March 2017)
      6. Joint session on Annual Conference of Faubai (April 2017)
8.  Workshop of the Think Tank for Latin America in Porto (October 2017)

SGroup's Pool of Experts in LA collaboration

In order to capitalise on the member's’ presence and experience in Latin America and on the established contacts with HEIs and HE organisations, a group of experts has been identified whose contacts and knowledge can help member and partner institutions in LA achieve common goals and expand capacity.

A list of identified experts so far you can find below. Members can still register as experts through the following link

Members can contact the experts at the following email


ICon Programme - EU-LA Mobility scheme

The ICon Programme is an international mobility initiative between higher education institutions belonging to the SGroup European Universities’ Network (SGroup) and their partner institutions overseas  (from Latin America). The Programme aims at the exchange of knowledge and experience between regions through academic mobility of administrative staff and academics.The ICon mobility will be regulated and administered internally by the SGroup Network. Conditions and available partners will be indicated in the ICon Guidelines.


Funding Schemes for EU-LA Collaboration

I. Europe

Erasmus+, link The programme gives opportunities to students, trainees, staff and volunteers to spend a period abroad to increase their skills and employability

Horizon2020, link  Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme and aims at breaking down barriers to create a genuine single market for knowledge, research and innovation

EuropeAid, link The Commission's Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO) is responsible for designing European international cooperation and development policy and delivering aid throughout the world


II. Latin America

Organización de los Estados Americanos, OEA, link



Estudiar en Argentina, link




VLIR-UOS, link



Science without Borders, link



How to study in Chile, link


Becas Chile, link



Colciencias, link


Costa Rica

Fonabe, link



VLIR-UOS, link



Senescyt, link

VLIR-UOS, link



VLIR-UOS, link



VLIR-UOS, link



Conacyt, link

Amexcid, link



VLIR-UOS, link



IFARHU, link



Conacyt, link



Pronabec, link

VLIR-UOS, link



VLIR-UOS, link



AUCI, link

MEC, link

ANII, link




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